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General Tips For The Maintenance Of Your Pool

Swimming Pools once installed should be maintained well. If you begin to read about how pools should be maintained, it may seem intimidating at first but it is not impossible. A lot of people choose to maintain their pools on their own and this is plain to avoid the hassles of having to take appointments with the cleaning personnel or the cost involved. While there is a ton of thing to bear in mind when it comes to keeping your pool clean what takes precedence is the

PH Balance of a pool:This is one of the most important aspects of having a pool. Maintaining the PH balance in the pool cannot be over emphasized and this is because it can lead to a ton of physical problems for those spending a lot of time in the pool. So, to understand what it is, it is important to understand what is PH balance. This refers to how acidic or basic the water is. It is measured on a scale of 0-14 and if the water ranges around the 7, it is neutral and safe.

A low PH in your pool can lead to problems such as itchy skin, red eyes, and problems with your hair. A low PH means that the water is more acidic and hence the hardware and metals being used in your pool can corrode quicker than expected. In addition, this quality of water will render the chlorine ineffective.

A higher PH in the pool has its fair share of problems. The skin and hair react first as our skin are close to a neutral and increase or decrease will see our skin reacting adversely. There is a high possibility of Scaling and mineral deposits as the PH rises.

Regularly testing the pool’s Ph balance should be done by using the Ph balance strips. Generally, the PH level will rise due to environmental factors, but if you need to do it on your own, you should add an alkali solution such as soda ash or sodium carbonate. Inversely if you need to bring down the PH balance, you should add an acid solution called liquid Hydrochloric acid or Sodium bi-Sulphate.

The tile maintenance:

Brushing: All your glass tiles should be brushed meaning scrubbed at least once a week. Doing this periodically will avoid major scrubbing when you eventually get to doing it. If it is a small pool then this may not be difficult but it may be slightly more challenging to accomplish a larger pool.

Mineral deposits: Pools these days come with a whole bunch of accessories which make maintenance that much more difficult. Take for instance pools that have an overflow feature on the perimeter, this generally means that the water goes over the edge and to save electricity the feature switches on and off. While this feature gives your pool a luxurious look, every time the water dries and come on it leaves a residue or mineral deposits. Once it stains the tiles, it is almost impossible to remove. Engaging a third party to clean up the tiles will ride up your maintenance costs but it might be well worth it especially if your pool occupies a place of pride in your home.

Covers for your pool: The market has umpteen options if you are looking for accessories for your pool. One such option which is completely worth its money is a cover for the pool. This will not only keep it protected from the elements but also provide you with a clean pool every time you need to use it.The covers come in a wide range of colors, fabric, and designs. An open pool is an invitation for dried leaves, insects and other contaminants which will require you to spend more time cleaning up your pool. Apart from this option, there is also the automated options where you can cover up the pool with just a switch. There is both manual (where you crank a wheel to close a pool) and the automatic versions available in those too.

Maintaining a pool is like protecting your investment. It costs a lot to put in a pool but by maintaining it well and doing the needful, you and the coming generations can enjoy the investment.